Firdous Educational Institute

Welcome to Firdous Educational Institute.

we are committed to transform the personality and career through transformative education by providing the best possible opportunities in curricular and extracurricular endeavours. We are here to provide compulsory spiritual and material implements so that individuals may acquire knowledge to improve the quality of life for themselves and others.

Principal Message

Asaalamu-Alaikum May the peace and blessing of Allah (SWT) be on all of you. The sanctity and dedication of the person concerned with the institution believe in the concept that "work is worship" as such they are always ready and willing to do any such job where they can help anybody in need, parents stand a witness to the fact that they have been always helped in pulling them out of the troubled waters by our staff. We are always there to listen to the grievances, troubles, and complaints of the parents with regard to their children in respect of discipline, academic, and other pedagogical concerns. People will hardly and scarcely find the administrative authorities seated in their cabins unless otherwise needed. One and all are always on the move to watch the proceedings by themselves. Our transparency with respect to accounts, salaries, fee structure, income and expenditure, selection of teachers, selection of books duties and responsibilities of teaching, nonteaching and administrative personnel is our pride. In short, our administrative structure and policies are open like a book. Hard times have put our staff on the anvil and they proved the test they dared the hard and tough times like flashfloods, lockdowns, and pandemics; "Hats off to them”. Patience is a precious jewel of human behavior. Our request to all those who enter the domains of the institution is to display this jewel and you will be taken care of wholeheartedly by us.

Computer and Science Laboratory

Technology is becoming a pivotal component in education and choice of careers henceforth. That is why, we have well designed computer and science labs to cater to the growing demands

Well Equipped Library

We have a wide variety of books starting from magazines, newspapers, journals, fictions for all age groups, non-fictions, biographies and reference books for all relevant subjects.

Sports And Game Facility

We offer well defined sports and games curriculum , which is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value to self control.

Art Room

We believe in shaping well- balanced curriculum with equal weightage to academics and extra-curricular activities. We have an elaborate and well-planned curriculum for visual art with opportunities to explore different art forms.

Our Gallery

The Concept


Extensive range of activities

We strongly believe that every child is unique and learns at his or her own pace. We provide wide range of learning experiences to our students. The extensive range of activities on offer in the school enables all our students to find something that they can excel at. In this way they come to an appreciation of their worth as individuals and gain the self-esteem and self-confidence

Flexibility of mind

We recognise that, in a rapidly changing world, our students will not follow a single career for the whole of their adult lives. To cope with these career changes they will need flexibility of mind and the intellectual curiosity to continue learning well into adulthood.

Variety of teaching models

We promote a variety of teaching models in order to produce students who can think critically, synthesise and transform, experiment and create. In short, we aim to equip our students for the 21st Century. Our teaching methods are thus far removed from the didactic approaches traditional in many countries.


Our disciplinary environment from the day that students enter the school, aim to make them realise that we must all take responsibility for our own actions. This realisation is fundamental to bringing our students to a preference for self-discipline over imposed discipline.

Admissions are open for Academic Year 2023-2024 for Nursery to Class VIII